• Monochrom-addicts WEDDING!
  • Navita Manyisha
Monochrom-addicts WEDDING!

We have been seeing more weddings with monochromatic tones. This is a trend we hope will be around for summer weddings to come because we can not get enough of it. Our favorite tones are blushes and purples, however we have seen this trend done with blues and greens and peachy tones. 

When done tastefully, Not only can this trend mimic a sunset, but it also allows flattering tones for each individual bridesmaid. Not any shade of your favorite color will do however, we recommend being very selective. A good rule of thumb is to have the darkest shade, the palest shade and depending on the party size 1-2 variations in between for instance for pink you can have a Magenta as your darkest, a nude/blush as your lightest and in between is where your light pink and darker blush would fall. The key is to be complimentary and have fun. Another bonus is this style looks amazing in photos. 

case in point:


Photograph by Sonoma County based Photographer James Escobar (www.instagram.com/justmejames)




  • Navita Manyisha

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