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DIY De-stressing

 The DIY generation is in full effect these days, and weddings are not exempt.  Quite the opposite, wedding planning can be the perfect paradise for the DIY obsessed guy and gal.

There is something to be said about seeing the works of your own hand completed and exactly how you imagined it would be. That's the satisfaction high. Though planning it all yourself may seem rewarding in the end it can also be very stressful. We have gathered 5 helpful tips for minimizing the stress for the DIY wedding of your dreams.

1. Less is more:

The great thing about the cyber world is you can access most everything with just a few clicks, the bad thing is you can access most everything with just a few clicks. (flashbacks to wedding planning 24/7 at home, at work, in line at the DMV! There was no end.) We suggest having 3 staple personal touch items that will make your wedding standout. Its nearly impossible that every guest will remember every nook and cranny of your wedding so less is more.

2. Delegate (kindly):

Bridezillas need not apply. Kidding, but seriously, utilize the help you have whether its bridesmaids, family or guests that have offered to help. Your maids will know your style and are perfect to delegate to. This helps prevent any potential breakdown moments that usually stem from feeling like you're doing everything yourself. Maybe you feel like your the only one who can do it perfectly, but try to accept helping hands out or reach out to friends that are crafty, you might just be pleasantly surprised!

3. Set a date:

Setting dates are just a part of the wedding process, make sure one of those dates you set is a cut off date whether its a week or a couple of days before the wedding where you will stop all the super detailed decorations and final touches of your wedding. Being stern about this will help you to be at peace and will allow you to enjoy  the wedding festivities more.

4. The C & ZZZ's:

The C and ZZZ's or Cardio and sleep! One thing leads to another. Even if you have 15 mins a day to spare bring your running shoes with you wherever you go and set time aside for some fitness- nothing strenuous but a nice walk or jog can actually help reduce stress and make you feel happy! Woo endorphins! side note: Stay hydrated (but you already knew that.)

5. Positive vibes:

At the end of the day your super stoked and this wedding WILL be the wedding of your dreams and yay, you're marrying the love of your life, so go easy on yourself and get those positive affirmations and motivational posters out. We suggest keeping a journal of gratitude! You got this!

And don't forget to reward yourself with one of our beautiful wedding parasols to add to your photographs on your special day!

  • Navita Manyisha
  • DIY bridewedding parasolswedding planningwedding touches

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